If you were a country how will you make money?

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Money is and will be for a long time topic of the modern world. It helps people elevate themselves, fulfill their dreams, gives them freedom, but at a technical level running behind it, putting everything else apart just to get a taste of it is problematic and worrisome. The same goes for the corporations when they put cash bonuses and bottom line at a higher priority than human health and working conditions, we get something like DuPont and Ohio, or Deep Water Horizon and Louisiana. …

As social media becomes more embedded in our day to day, kids today seriously consider influencing as a career choice, and for good reason. Will considering it as a startup can make it more mainstream and acknowledged?

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Social Media and commerce around it have been viewed in many ways as a tool that traditional companies can use to make their brand known or have a higher conversion rate in terms of customer clicks. It has always been a Marketing play for most companies and a successful one; An good channel on youtube or any platform for that matter with constant…

Learning different concepts, technologies, software, and its applications in real-world scenarios in Marketing, Finance, and other industries

Data is the new oil or so I have heard, a lot more is growing in the analytics world and fast. Data Analytics, Data Science, Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence are all the buzz words used around today's date to entice and attract talent into this field. Colleges have seen an upward trend in this coursework and the industries have a demand for it.

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Colleges normally cover a broad range of topics, not going too deep into something specific, but also not giving just the introduction. Here are a few topics that colleges typically cover:-

  1. Statistics

For almost every…

Understanding the data before doing any transformation or analysis is very important and underrated

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Because of the efficiency and ease of using python, in the data analysis field, it has been widely used and adapted, to say the least. In python, one can also import different kinds of datasets and databases of all different formats like CSV, SQL, JSON, XML, etc. making it more efficient and viable to use. There are many things written about how good python is, but here we are going to discuss what are the basic commands that should be run before any analysis.

Here, the…

Data Science 1010

A peek inside the data analytics world

Pick a random person in the analysis space, most of them have their hand on one of these, R or Python. Traditionally and in some cases still, companies use legacy software like SPSS so it is perceived as safe and reliable. Now, with the open-source use cases and collaboration concepts increasing day by day Python is dominating the craft.

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Regardless of industry and profession, for startups and MSMEs, data and its importance in decision making has been increasing and becoming more and more important. Understanding and interpreting data have been driving business decisions as well as helping expand into new…

We hear a lot about machine learning, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and more and more buzz words, but how to approach it, where to start?

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A ton of resources are available online and on paper, for learning, for research, for working in the data science industry. Online learning has seen a new revolution, with more and more people staying home, learning new technologies, discovering new fields in creative and technology space, therefore, basics and start from the scratch approach in data science has also seen an upward trend.

At this point, people who are learning it for the first time are a mixed group of people, they come from different backgrounds, different level of expertise and experience, a broad range of people, from senior executive…

From a business perspective, data analysis is all about storytelling, do these three technologies make enough to complete the full story

For people from different backgrounds who want to get into the analytics space, it is never quite certain which tool or technology to start with; R answers that question

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For people coming from an engineering or IT background, learning Python or R is just another language they have to figure out. However, for those coming from Marketing, Finance, Economics, or Accounting; Excel is as far as the arsenal goes. They have to learn every other thing from scratch and this is where R plays an important role.

Because of the simplicity and functionality of R, it is very easy to get into even if that person is not familiar with coding concepts or don’t have a technical background. …

In the analytics space, there is a constant struggle deciding which language to use for all things data science.

No need to download multiple software and update paths just to run some code on python

For the beginner just starting to learn to code or experts switching from a different platform or language, setting up your interface, your tools, and configurations for a new language is always a hassle. Getting the correct version, having proper compatibility, and updating the current configuration takes up a lot of valuable time and effort just to run some part of the code.

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  1. Anaconda Navigator

One of the most common ways programmers learn and run the code is using Ananconda Navigator and Jupyter Notebook. …

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